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He remarked that nurses in the charity are assisting using the CervicalCheck helpline also. They are contacting back ladies who made get in touch with over the last few days and so are awaiting a reply. ‘Ladies are out there being concerned and looking forward to a call back again to allow them to have their issues and worries resolved. You want to help reassure these ladies. Our -panel of specialist tumor nurses will continue to work using the CervicalCheck helpline to be sure as many of the ladies are contacted at the earliest opportunity,’ Mr Buggy stated.The change, referred to as S139N, which involved the replacement of a serine amino acid with an arginine amino acid, was among numerous changes the Zika virus acquired throughout its genome between 2010 and 2016, said the report. Zika was initially discovered in a monkey in Uganda in 1947. In people, it had been known to result in a rash and slight illness that quickly passed. However in 2015, Brazil-the country hardest hit with the outbreak-reported its first instances of babies given birth to with unusually little heads. This condition, referred to as microcephaly, was later associated with Zika infection in pregnant mothers. Zika has pass on to 84 countries. The virus is normally contagious and may be sent by sexual get in touch with or from the bite of the infected mosquito.