07-10-2002 - DREAM - THE CHURCH -

by Dee Finney

I was living in an apartment with some other people. Some were black and some were white.

The black man was a gay preacher who was denouncing being gay. I told him, "You can't be anything that you are not. - you have to be who you are."

But he was going to be a non-practicing gay - in other words, - celibate.

He left the room to go change clothes and I was sitting by myself  with my notebook and writing began forming under my pen (called automatic writing), putting down an outline of what the new church would be that I was to start.

It wrote:  

5 Basic beliefs:  

5 Basic principles:  

Spirit Based:

Then it showed me - chat rooms, forums, message boards.

Method of remuneration, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly.

9-20-02 - DREAM - I was busy cleaning my house, doing day to day chores, cleaning up after the kids, and i decided I needed to go for a walk.

I went past a huge Lutheran church, which was packed with people who were all standing and singing. I was amazed at how popular this church was and wondered why.

I kept walking and came to a lake shore where there were no people, just tall green trees with rays of sunlight coming down through them. It was so peaceful there. There was no sound, no noise - just peace.

I suddenly started to feel like I was being filled up with the most intense emotion and the thought came to me - the church I had walked past was OF GOD, and this feeling I was being filled with was that of being commissioned to start a church FOR THE PEOPLE.

I headed home filled with this tremendous calling and walked back into the house which was full of relatives. I really needed to talk to someone about this and my relatives had so many problems, they couldn't be bothered with my questioning.

So I went to find a telephone to call someone and all I found was a toy children's telephone in pink, blue, and yellow. The one ONE I could talk to o that that type of telephone was GOD.